Erik Geiger´s Zeitabrechnung


This site is complete and ready to use. Feel free to report everything (critism, wishes or bugs) through the contact form

This site offers you to enter your daily working hours. It shows than the daily and monthy over-time, vacation days, ill days, and compensation days. You can enter your weekly working hours, the max. vacation days, and the max. compensation days on the configuration settings page. As the normal working hours can also be set on a daily basis, it is also usable for part-time employees.

To be able to use this site, please register. After registering you will be redirected to the settings page, where you can enter your vacation entitlement, weekly working hours, and the like. You can adjust this values at any time.

This site offers SSL encrypted conections. This means the data will be transfered encrypted between you and the server and can`t therefore be read by others.